Varmilo Warrior Soar Themed 108-Keys/87-Keys Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo has got a great rep in the mechanical keyboard industry for its uniquely designed mechanical keyboards. Today, Varmilo has announced a new design for both of its 108 and 87 keys keyboards, presenting you with the all-new Varmilo Warrior-Soar-themed keyboard. Designed in collaboration with BUGERWORK, the warrior-soar-themed keyboard is based on a retro-styled army green theme. The keyboards will have a hardcore military camouflage look with Khaki(Dark Green) as the main color and bright orange embellishments to give a complementing designer look to them. Varmilo Warrior-Soar-themed keyboards will be available for both 108 keys full-sized and 87 keys TKL layouts. Both of these are available now.

Varmilo Warrior Soar-1

Just like the other keyboards from Varmilo the latest Warrior-Soar-themed keyboard will be available in multiple switch profiles. For the first time, they are bringing the ultra-fast speed gold switches designed jointly by Varmilo and TTC. Varmilo showcased these switches just a few days back. We all-knew a new keyboard with speed gold will be coming up soon enough. The keyboard will also be available with other switch options including Varmilo Iris V2, Sakura V2, Rose V2, Ivy V2, and TTC Speed Silver switches. These switches have a fast trigger response with smooth operation and soft acoustics. They also have a long life span giving better durability to the keyboards.

Varmilo Warrior Soar keyboards have military-themed designer keycaps in addition to the standard themed keycaps. They use army elements such as helicopters and other military equipment. Varmilo has used high-quality dye-sublimed PBT keycaps for the Warrior Soar keyboards. 

Varmilo Warrior Soar-3

Varmilo Warrior Soar Keyboards are available now. The 87 Keys TKL variant starts at $172, and 108 Keys full-sized keyboard variant starts at $182. You can check out our collection of Varmilo products on our website here.

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