Weekly New Arrivals Brief:Fifth Week of March!!

Check out the latest arrivals for the fifth week of March! Get ready to indulge in fresh discoveries and exciting additions to our collection. From captivating reads to innovative gadgets, this week's lineup promises something for everyone.

  1. Introducing the Kzzi G68 Magnetic Switch Keyboards, featuring innovative magnetic switches for a unique typing experience.

  2. Enhance your gaming setup with the MSR LUO Series Poron Mousepad, designed for precise control and comfort.

  3. Upgrade your mouse with the Incott HPC02 Series 2k Version Hot-Swappable Mouse, offering customizable features for optimal performance.

  4. And don't miss out on the XINMENG M75/M75 Pro Gasket RGB Mechanical Keyboard, delivering vibrant lighting effects and responsive keystrokes. Shop now to stay ahead in style and functionality!

Kzzi G68 Magnetic Switch Keyboards

KZZI G68 revolutionizes gaming keyboards with its compact design and advanced features. Featuring a CNC-machined aluminum alloy chassis and second-generation Gateron Magnetic Switches, it offers consistent typing feedback and supports functions like Dynamic Keystroke and Rapid Trigger. With user-friendly driver software, adjusting settings is effortless.

Equipped with second-gen Gateron Magnetic Switches, KZZI G68 ensures exceptional performance and comfortable typing. Its Dynamic Keystroke and Rapid Trigger functions allow precise adjustments and instantaneous control over inputs. Built with high-quality aluminum alloy and DSA profile dual-tone injection molded PBT keycaps, it boasts a solid build quality. Additionally, the RGB backlight adds flair to your gaming experience, with customizable lighting effects to match your mood and game.

MSR LUO Series Poron Mousepad

Introducing the MSR LUO Series Poron Soft/Xsoft Mousepad, designed for optimal comfort and performance. With a glass microbead coating, it ensures smooth gliding and precise control. The soft variant comes with a polyurethane bottom, while the xsoft version features a Poron polyurethane bottom, catering to different preferences. Available in sizes of 490x420mm and 420x330mm, and a variety of vibrant colors including Blue, Orange, Red, and Black, in both soft and xsoft options, there's a perfect fit for every user seeking enhanced gaming or work experience.

Incott HPC02 Series 2k Version Hot-Swappable Mouse

The IRONCAT HPC02 and HPC02 Pro gaming mice feature a high-speed PAW3395 optical sensor for precise and accurate tracking at resolutions up to 6400 DPI. Designed with an ultra-lightweight and ergonomic build, they offer adjustable heights for comfortable grip. The Pro model includes advanced features like hot-swappable keys and an adjustable key-pressure system for personalized performance.

Equipped with IRONCAT's patented B-Roller technology, the HPC02 series ensures smooth scrolling with reduced wobbling and friction. The Pro models also support hot-swappable switches and adjustable key-pressure, allowing users to customize their mouse experience. With interchangeable back covers for adjustable height and sound-absorbing silicone pads for silent clicks, the HPC02 series provides both comfort and functionality.

XINMENG M75/M75 Pro Gasket RGB Mechanical Keyboard

XINMENG introduces the M75, a compact 75% TKL keyboard boasting a vibrant TFT display screen and a sleek CNC-machined aluminum alloy knob. Designed for comfort, it features a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure and five-layered shock and sound-absorbing internals. The customizable TFT display allows for personalized static images and gifs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. With esports-grade performance and low-latency connectivity, the M75 elevates gaming experiences to new heights.

The XINMENG M75 keyboard offers a modern touch with its 0.85” TFT colorful display screen, showcasing essential information like time and battery status. Its leaf-spring gasket-mounted structure ensures a comfortable typing experience, complemented by five-layered internal padding for added comfort. Moreover, with dazzling RGB backlighting, versatile connectivity options, high-quality mechanical switches, and a large-capacity battery, the M75 delivers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience tailored to gamers' needs.


In conclusion, the fifth week of March brings an exciting array of new arrivals catering to diverse interests. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or simply seeking to elevate your productivity, there's something for everyone in this week's lineup. From innovative magnetic switch keyboards to precision mousepads and customizable mice, not to mention vibrant RGB mechanical keyboards, these additions promise to enhance both style and functionality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead with the latest in tech and gaming trends. Explore the new arrivals now and embark on a journey of discovery and enjoyment.


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