ZAOPIN Z2 Brand New Wireless 4K Mouse With Hot-Swappable Switches

Following the success of Z1 and Z1 Pro high-performance gaming mice, ZAOPIN is back again with a brand-new release, introducing the ZAOPIN Z2. The Z2 improves over the performance of its predecessor models with a dual-core NORDIC chipset arrangement, durable TTC Gold micro-motion switches, TTC golden scroll wheel encoder, hot-swappable switches, etc.  ZAOPIN Z2 reimagines the way you game with its unmatched performance, The flagship PAW3395 sensor delivers silky smooth glide with complete control. The mouse also has a maximum return rate of 4000Hz, promising instantaneous response to every single movement. ZAOPIN Z2 is the perfect mouse suitable for gamers as well as regular users who want perfect trigger response, smooth performance, and versatile connectivity. ZAOPIN Z2 is launched officially for $59.99, you can check it out here.


For efficiency performance, ZAOPIN Z2 features a dual-core NORDIC chipset design. It houses the NORDIC 52840 chipset on the mouse and the NORDIC 52810 chipset on the 2.4GHz receiver. The mouse offers consistent wireless connectivity with 4K return rate support. The NORDIC chipsets ensure low latency, smooth connectivity, and efficient battery life performance. ZAOPIN Z2 supports versatile connectivity with different devices thanks to its three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. 4K return rate ensures the mouse has a smooth glide and fast response time.


At the very core of Z2, ZAOPIN has featured a flagship-level PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. It not only captures the minutest movement of the mouse but also has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. Your mouse tracking will be smoother, snappier, and well-controlled. ZAOPIN Z2 houses highly durable TTC Gold micro-motion switches. They offer 60 million click durability.

ZAOPIN also features hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy replacement of the micro-motion switches on the mouse. It also has an e-sports level TTC golden scroll wheel encoder that provides pixel-precise scrolling.


ZAOPIN follows up the ergonomic design of the Z1 and Z1 Pro for the Z2. The mouse is feather-like and light in weight, weighing in at just 65 grams. Its ergonomic shape promises an extremely comfortable grip for users with different grip styles. If you are a gamer and are seeking the perfect performance, ZAOPIN Z2 might be the perfect mouse. Its comfortable glide and fast performance is perfect for those Competitive FPS flicks and its controlled movement offers perfect performance for those MMO games!! Are you excited for the ZAOPIN Z2?? Because we surely are!!

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