Monsgeek M1W & M7W Compact Three-Mode RGB keyboards With Gradient Color Theme!!

With a wide catalog of high-quality premium PC peripherals, Monsgeek has got a good reputation in the industry. The brand is mainly known for its high-quality mechanical keyboards and mechanical keyboard kits. Today, we are proudly launching two brand new keyboards from Monsgeek, the M1W, and the M7W. Both the keyboards are loaded with advanced features such as hot-swappable sockets, a PC Positioning board, PORON Sandwich cotton, IXPE under shaft padding, customized mechanical switches, etc, but the main attraction for both the keyboards is the beautiful Gradient theme design. They offer amazing typing feedback with silky smooth operation and rich quality PBT material keycaps!! Let’s know them better.

Monsgeek M1W: Compact 82-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Multi-Function Knob!!

Price: Starts at 139.99$.

The Monsgeek M1W is a compact TKL keyboard with a sleek design and 82-key+1 multi-function knob layout. It features three-mode connectivity options, including wireless Bluetooth, high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, and wired connectivity. The keyboard is built with a durable aluminum alloy shell that is both lightweight and robust. It is available in three stunning color options with a gradient design, adding a touch of visual appeal. The gradient-themed PBT material keycaps are a delight to look at.

Monsgeek M7W-1

The Monsgeek M1W offers advanced features such as hot-swappable sockets, allowing for easy switch replacement, and customized mechanical switches, including options like V3 Pro Yellow, Blue, Ice Cream Purple, and Ice Cream Pink switches. The keyboard also includes full-color RGB lighting with customizable effects and a long-lasting battery life of up to 8 days with the backlight turned on and up to 25 days with the backlight turned off.

Overall, the Monsgeek M1W keyboard provides a practical and comfortable typing experience with its compact layout, versatile connectivity options, durable build, and attractive design. The M1W starts at 139.99$ for customized switches and for 149.99$ you can get one with Full POM Ice Cream Purple/Pink Switches. Know more details here.

Monsgeek M7W: Premium 68-key Keyboard With Gradient Design!!

Price: Starts at 129.99$.

The Monsgeek M7W is an ultra-compact 68-key keyboard with a stunning gradient design theme. It is available in three captivating color options and offers a range of mechanical switches for a comfortable typing experience. The keyboard boasts gradient dual-tone injection molded PBT keycaps and a solid aluminum alloy shell, providing both durability and an attractive aesthetic.

Monsgeek M7W-2

In terms of connectivity, the Monsgeek M7W offers versatile options including wireless Bluetooth, high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, and wired connectivity, allowing users to connect to multiple devices according to their preference. The keyboard's compact design features separated arrow keys and neatly placed insert, delete, page up, and page down keys for a customized layout.

With advanced features like hot-swappable PCB sockets and PORON sandwich cotton padding, the Monsgeek M7W offers convenience and comfort. The keyboard also includes a full-color RGB backlight that can be customized with built-in lighting effects. Additionally, the backlight can be adjusted using driver software, including musical rhythmic lights for an engaging experience.

Monsgeek M7W-3

The Monsgeek M7W supports a variety of custom switches, such as V3 Pro Yellow, Blue, Ice Cream Purple, and Ice Cream Pink. The Ice Cream Purple and Pink switches, built with full POM material, promise silky smooth typing. The hot-swappable sockets allow for easy replacement of switches, adding to the keyboard's versatility and customization options.

Monsgeek M7W-4

Overall, the Monsgeek M7W is a feature-rich compact keyboard with a beautiful gradient design, durable construction, versatile connectivity, customizable backlighting, and a range of switch options, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an exceptional typing experience. The Monsgeek M7W starts at 129.99$, you can check out more information here.

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