WAIZOWL Lightning 60 Compact 60% Keyboard With New-Gen Magnetic Switches

WAIZOWL, the brand behind many successful e-sports level competitive gaming mice has launched its latest gaming mechanical keyboard, presenting the all-new WAIZOWL Lightning 60. WAIZOWL has crafted the Lightning 60 keyboard with great precision and elegance. The keyboard adopts new-generation magnetic switches that offer adjustable keystrokes with rapid-trigger technology. It also features a gasket-mounted structure design promising comfortable typing feedback for the users. WAIZOWL Lightning 60 is a beautifully crafted gaming keyboard with a full-color RGB backlight. It is launched officially for $179.99, you can get one from our store here.

WAIZOWL Lightning 60-1

Magnetic Switches have all the limelight and are now the current generation of switches that are being preferred by gamers worldwide. They offer great performance with smooth keystroke movement and adjustable trigger response. The WAIZOWL Lightning 60 keyboard comes equipped with new-generation magnetic switches that offer 48 levels of precise trigger adjustment between 0.2mm~3.8mm range. They also support quick, Rapid Trigger technology that instantly registers keystrokes as soon as you press or release the keys. Magnetic Switches provide better control and trigger input enhancing your gaming experience.

WAIZOWL Lightning 60-2

WAIZOWL Lightning 60 keyboard features a gasket-mounted structure design. It provides comfortable typing feedback with silent operation. Gasket-mounted keyboard plate offers a soft and elastic movement. Externally, the WAIZOWL Lightning 60 has outstanding looks. With complete black color chassis, specially designed star-spectrum theme keycaps by DayDreamer. It has a compact 60% layout. The design and feel of the WAIZOWL Lightning 60 is simply fantastic.

What good is a gaming keyboard without proper RGB implementation?? WAIZOWL gives us no complaints as the Lightning 60 comes equipped with a vivid and colorful RGB backlight that can be easily customized with different lighting effects. Different RGB effects allow you to get a different atmosphere and feel with the keyboard.

WAIZOWL Lightning 60-3

WAIZOWL Lightning 60 keyboard is the perfect blend of craftsmanship, performance, and technology. You will get an ultra-compact 60% keyboard which is beautifully crafted with designer-themed ABS keycaps, you get unique and customizable typing feedback with the all-new Magnetic Switches, and you also get a colorful RGB backlight to play around. So, what are you waiting for?? Get the WAIZOWL Lightning 60 today and complete your gaming setup with the perfect keyboard!!

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