ThundeRobot ML9 Series ML901 & ML903 Wireless Three-Mode PAW3395 Gaming Mice

ThundeRobot, a brand known for its outstanding range of PC peripherals has introduced a brand new series of wireless gaming mice, meet the ThundeRobot ML9. ML9 series includes two products, the ThundeRobot ML901, and ML903. As you might’ve guessed, the ML901 is an entry-level model to the series while the ML903 is s a high-performing high-end product. While there are some key differences between them, they both adopt the same flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor for best-in-class performance!! Upgrade your gaming setup today with the amazing ML901 and ML903 gaming mice.

ThundeRobot ML9-1

ThundeRobot ML9 series starts at 40.99$ for the ML901 and the ML903 starts at 46.99$. ML903 comes in a combo option as well including a 4K receiver dongle priced at 62.99$ as the combo deal. Check out more information here.

First and foremost, the primary differences between the ML901 and the ML903 mice. The ML901 has three-zone RGB and supports a 1000Hz return rate. The ML903 on the other hand has RGB on the charging base, mice itself has no RGB zone. ThundeRobot ML903 is a high-end mouse that supports a high-speed 4000hz return rate. It’s silky smooth to use and offers better accuracy and control with a faster return polling rate. ML903 adopts a NORDIC 52840 high-performance chipset for unmatched performance. It is compatible with 4k polling rate receivers.

ThundeRobot ML9-2

Both the ML901 and the ML903 house PAW3395 flagship-grade gaming sensors. It enables high-speed performance on the mice offering adjustable DPI up to 26000DPI, fast 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. PAW3395 is a trusted sensor equipped with most new high-end mice in the market. It is known for its unmatched performance quality.

ThundeRobot ML9-3

The ML901 and ML903 mice have comfortable aesthetics and offer comfortable glide with a lightweight design. The ML901 weighs in at just 76 grams while the ML903 weighs in at just 65 grams. Both the mice offer versatile connectivity with three-mode connection options. They support high-speed wireless 2.4GHz ThunderSpeed Technology. It offers extremely stable connectivity with a lag-free operation. They also support Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. ThundeRobot ML9 comes equipped with high-quality Kailh Micro-Motion GM8.0 switches. They offer smooth clicks with quick rebounds that are really satisfying to click on. ThundeRobot has designed the ML series Mice with independent switches for smoother operation.

ThundeRobot ML9-4

ThundeRobot ML9 series comes with a large-capacity battery that provides the mouse with long-lasting battery life. The ML901 houses a 600mAh battery promising a battery life of up to 130 hours, the ML903 houses a 300mAh battery with a rated battery life of up to 70 hours. You can simply use them for days with every single complete charge. ThundeRobot ML9 series has two mice, both of which are super good for gaming. They both are ideal mice for gaming offering fast and stable performance. The ML9 starts with the ML901 at 40.99$, check out more information here.

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