DAREU Z68 Sugar Cube Compact 65% Three-Mode Keyboard & Z19 Sugar Cube Numeric Keypad News

DAREU is a renowned brand from China that specializes in designing and manufacturing of high-quality gaming peripherals. With a focus on providing great quality products that enhance your gaming experience, DAREU has a wide range of offerings including gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, etc. Today, DAREU has come up with two brand new products, introducing the DAREU Z68 Sugar Cube compact mechanical keyboard and the DAREU Z19 Sugar Cube Keypad. Z68 is a 65% compact keyboard with an elegant white backlight design. The Z19 is a keypad you can connect with your Z68 or any other compact keyboard to use as an independent numeric pad. Both devices feature elegant looks with rounded sugar-cube-shaped PBT material keycaps!!


DAREU Z68 is launched for 89.99$, and the Z19 Keypad is launched for 39.99$. You can check out more information about them on their respective pages.

DAREU Z68 Sugar Cube:-

Z68 Sugar Cube is a versatile three-mode mechanical keyboard with an elegant aesthetic design. The keyboard has beautifully crafted rounded Sugar-Cube-shaped keycaps made up of high-quality durable PBT material. It has a comfortable 11° typing angle which is quite comfortable to type on. The keyboard features an elegant clear white backlight that enhances the looks of the keyboard even further. Users can obviously adjust the lighting with different lighting effects based on their usage and requirements. It features a multimedia knob that allows for easy volume adjustment on the go.


It’s not all about the looks with the DAREU Z68 keyboard, the keyboard is quite versatile in terms of its performance as well. DAREU has equipped the Z68 Sugar Cube with versatile three-mode connectivity. It supports high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz, multi-device wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB type-C connectivity options. You can connect it with multiple devices with different systems and can switch between them seamlessly.

DAREU has crafted the keyboard with high-quality internals. It includes a noise-absorbing silicone padded design. The sandwich cotton padding absorbs the keystroke pressure and also reduces the resonance cavity sound produced upon keystrokes. You are greeted with clean typing feedback with silky smooth movement. DAREU has made the Z68 Sugar Cube available with a choice between Kailh MX Light and Sky V2 mechanical switches. They offer a silky movement with light and quick trigger response.


DAREU Z68 Sugar Cube is equipped with a large 2000mAh battery that lasts for days once fully charged. The keyboard is quite interesting and its rounded shape and look greatly enhance the experience as well. It is priced at 89.99$, you can check out more details here.

DAREU Z19 Sugar Cube Keypad:-

The second launch today is the Z19 Sugar Cube Keypad from DAREU. This is a compact 19-key numeric keypad that can be used with other compact keyboards as well as an indecent numeric keypad with your system. It also has a built-in display screen that allows the users to use the Z19 as a calculator. The Z19 Keypad has identical looks to the Z68 Sugar Cube keyboard. It adopts PBT material rounded sugar-cube-shaped keycaps. You get Kailh MX Light mechanical switches for light triggers and smooth typing.


The Z19 Keypad has a dual-mode connectivity function featuring wireless Bluetooth and Wired USB connectivity with. Detachable Type-c connection. It also has an elegant clear white backlight. The Z19 houses a 200mAH battery that provides a battery life of up to 4 days with a single complete charge. DAREU Z19 numeric keypad is launched for 39.99$. You can check out more details here.

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