Varmilo Launches All-New Frida Kahlo Keycaps & Minilo 75% Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo is a well-reputed name in the PC Peripheral industry. The brand is known for its exceptional range of mechanical keyboards that are crafted with uniquely beautiful designer themes. Today, Varmilo has come up with two new products, The Varmilo Frida Designer Keycaps and Varmilo MINILO 75% Compact Mechanical Keyboard. The brand new Frida Keycaps are based on Frida Kahlo, a very famous painter from the 20th century. Varmilo has beautifully implemented her work in this stunning 83-key set. The Minilo 75% compact keyboard is a versatile three-mode keyboard with 75% compact layout, Varmilo customized mechanical switches, gasket-mounted structure design, silicone bottom padding, and many more advanced features. Both products offer outstanding looks and brilliant build quality greatly enhancing your user experience.

Varmilo Frida Kahlo Keycaps-1

The Varmilo Minilo 75% mechanical keyboard is available in three stunning color options priced at 145.99$. The Varmilo Frida Keycaps are launched for 59.99$. Check out more details on their respective product pages.

Varmilo Frida Kahlo Keycaps:-

Varmilo is a brand that is usually known for its outstandingly beautiful designer-themed keyboards. The latest Varrmilo Frida Keycaps are based on the stunning work of Frida Kahlo. Frida designed several paintings throughout her career showing her hardships throughout her life. She endured more than 30 major and minor operations in her life. She has done many award-winning self-portraits throughout her career.

Varmilo Frida Kahlo Keycaps-2

Varmilo has beautifully implemented different paintings from Frida adding special self-portraits onto the main keys such as Enter, Esc, Tab, Shift, Capslock, etc. The keycaps have a rich finish as they feature Varmilo’s famous V-Silk PBT Material as the core material promising high durability and also offering a silky premium in-hand feel.

Varmilo Frida Keycaps are available for 59.99$. The set has an 83-key set suitable for 65% to 75% compact keyboards!! Check out more details here.

Varmilo Minilo 75% Keyboard:-

Varmilo is known for its excellent range of designer keyboards. Today, they have added the all-new Minilo 75% a compact 75% TKL keyboard to their ever-growing lineup of products. Available in three stunning color options based on the Morandi Color Scheme, the Minilo 75% offers elegant looks and enhances the look of your desktop. The keyboard has a Gasket mounted structure design with IXPE Sandwich padding and bottom foam padding for enhanced typing feedback with soft acoustics.

Varmilo Minilo 75% Keyboard-1

Varmilo has featured three-mode connectivity featuring a Wired USB Type-C connection, Wireless 2.4GHz Connection, and a Wireless Bluetooth connection. The keyboard is available in different versions, the VXT version has full three-mode connectivity and full-key hot-swappable sockets as well. By default, the keyboard is available with different customized switches including the Varmilo Daisy L(Linear Actuation), Prestige Silence(Silent Linear), and different Varmilo EC V2 switches. Varmilo has treated the keyboard with high-quality ABS Double-Shot keycaps in a 1.5mm thickened design and delicate legends.

Varmilo Minilo 75% Keyboard-2

Varmilo Minilo 75% is an amazing keyboard that fits perfectly into any scenario, you can use it for gaming setups and you can also use it for official systems with silent switches available as a default choice. The Varmilo Minilo 75% keyboard is available for 145.99$, you can check out more information here.

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