FANTECH MAXFIT81 Wireless Three-Mode 75% Mechanical Keyboard With Unique OLED Display

FANTECH is one of the leading growing PC peripheral brands from Indonesia. Founded back in 2009, FANTECH quickly improved its market reach with an outstanding range of PC peripherals including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. Today, FANTECH has introduced a brand new modular mechanical keyboard, presenting you with all the brand new FANTECH MAXFIT81. It’s a highly-versatile three-mode mechanical keyboard with a compact 75% TKL layout. It has an 80-key+1 Encoder multi-function knob and a unique customizable multi-function OLED display. This display can be customized easily to create a unique look with your setup. The keyboard looks exquisite and has a stunning transparent frosted design in White and Black color options.

FANTECH Maxfit81-1

MAXFIT81 is launched officially for 125.99$ with a choice between Gateron V2 Pro Brown and Gateron V2 Pro Yellow mechanical switches. You can check out more details here.

The most unique part of the MAXFIT81 is the multi-function OLED Display. This small 1” display showcase different settings like date, time, active connection, active battery life, etc in its default settings. But it can be easily customized with different Gifs, PNGs, and artworks as well. It helps you create a completely unique look with your keyboard that can match your gaming setup. FANTECH has equipped the MAXFIT81 with a gasket-mounted structure design with a high-density FR4 Fiberglass keyboard plate. Supported by silicone padding, the typing feedback with the MAXFIT81 is super smooth and comfortable. Each keystroke has a silky-smooth movement and the full keyboard offers conflict-free typing operation.

FANTECH Maxfit81-2

With three-mode connection options, the FANTECH MAXFIT81 keyboard supports multi-device connections. It supports high-speed wireless Strikespeed technology that offers smooth, lag-free, stable connection with the source device. The keyboard also supports Wireless Bluetooth and Wired USB Type-C connection. Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 allows for simultaneous connection with five devices at once with quick switching between them. FANTECH MAXFIT81 mechanical keyboard supports full-key RGB backlighting. The keyboard has pre-built RGB settings and also supports musical rhythmic lighting effects. It has south-facing RGB LEDs that provide bright RGB lighting to the user.

FANTECH Maxfit81-3

MAXFIT81 mechanical keyboard comes with a choice between Gateron G Pro V2 Yellow or Gateron G Pro V2 Brown mechanical switches. The key card also has hot-swappable PCB sockets that allow for easy replacement of the switches. FANTECH has featured dual stabilizers for the MAXFIT81. It supports both Plate-Mounted and PCB-mounted stabilizers. MAXFIT81 is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery that provides an extended battery life of up to 70 hours with a single charge. The keyboard features a compact TKL layout with an 80-key arrangement. It gives a retro feel with a transparent frosted outer cover. It adopts high-quality ABS material chassis and cherry profile keycaps. FANTECh MAXFIT81 has an exciting price of just 125.99$, you can check out more details here.

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