DURGOD Launches G-Series Of Esports Peripherals With GK90 Nebula Mechanical Keyboard & GM90 Nebula Gaming Mouse

High-End PC peripheral brand DURGOD has released a brand new G-series of professional esports peripherals including the all-new GK90 Nebula Mechanical Keyboard and GM90 Nebula gaming mouse. The GK90 Nebula is a full-sized 104-key RGB wired mechanical keyboard that comes with premium Gateron Optical switches for fast trigger response and reliable performance. The GM90 Nebula is an RGB gaming mouse that has a 9-button setup with a symmetrical design for both left and right-hand users. Both the GK90 Nebula and GM90 Nebula are designed for e-sports enthusiasts keeping in mind their requirements for high-speed, precise trigger response, RGB Backlit designs, and fast polling rate.

DURGOD G-Series GK90 GM90-1

The GM90 Nebula features three different RGB locations including a strip on the top, on the DURGOD Logo, and on the Scroll wheel. All three of these places can be synchronized in terms of RGB performance using the DURGOD Zeus Engine software.

It features quick micro switches that enable quick trigger response. GM90 comes with a high-speed sensor that enables fast dpi movement and precise tracking.

DURGOD G-Series GK90 GM90-2

DURGOD GK90 Nebula is a standard 104-key full-sized mechanical keyboard that features a wrist rest and RGB atmosphere backlighting. It comes equipped with Gateron Optical switches that enable it to provide ultra-fast trigger response.

Your keystrokes will be registered precisely, keeping you on top of your game. GK90 Nebula can be synchronized perfectly with the DURGOD Zeus Engine Software.

DURGOD G-Series GK90 GM90-3

Both the GK90 Nebula and the GM90 Nebula feature full customizability using Zeus Engine software. Users can customize not only the RGB but can also reprogram keys and macros. GK90 Keyboard has onboard memory that can save up to 4 different profiles. Since both the products have Nebula in their name itself, they support Nebula Lightning Control System. GM90 Nebula and GK90 Nebula are launched officially in two different colors, Dark Grey and Bright White.

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