Keychron Launches Q5 100-Key Mechanical Keyboard With Volume Knob

Over the past few months, Keychron has been on a roll with regular product updates. They have recently updated the “Q” series of mechanical keyboards with a few additions including the Q2 and the Q3. Today, Keychron has released a 100-key full-sized mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q5. The 100-key models from Keychron have a compact and solid look with a robust build now the latest Q5 is available with a volume knob too. Like other Q series mechanical keyboards, the Q5 is also available in two different variants, one with a knob and the other without. Q5 is launched officially for 185$ for a fully assembled version and the Q5 kit is priced at 165$.

Keychron Q5-1

The latest Keychron Q5 features a compact 100-key layout with a knob present in the upper right corner. It shares the same features as the other Q series models like a high-quality CNC machined aluminum alloy frame. The Q5 has a padded gasket structure with a Hot-Swappable PCB design. It supports QMK/VIA programming allowing the users to remap the keys and program the multi-function knob. Keychron Q5 supports both MAC and Windows systems straight out of the box, with additional keycaps for Mac systems(CMD, OPT). Keychron adopts high-quality PBT keycaps for the Q5 as stock keycaps. The Q5 is supposed to launch officially either this month-end or early-may in three different color options, Black, Blue, and Gray. We have a huge collection of mechanical keyboard from Keychron, that you can check out here.

Keychron Q5-2


>100-Key layout.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>CNC machined aluminum alloy frame.

>Gasket padded structure.

>Hot-swappable design.

>Programmable volume knob.

>QMK/VIA programming.

>MAC support.



Keyboard kit:165$

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