Gateron Introduces EverFree EF Switches & G Pro 3.0 Mechanical Switches

Gateron is a well-recognized mechanical switch brand that is famous worldwide. They are one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical switches with partners with all leading keyboard brands. Earlier last month, Gateron during their press conference introduced a new sub-brand, EverFree, and released three products under their name. Gateron has also introduced their latest G Pro 3.0 mechanical switches, the latest generation to the classic G Pro series of mechanical switches. All these above-mentioned products are now released and are available with us. Let’s know more about them.

EverFree EF Switches:-

As we have mentioned above in this blog, EverFree is a brand-new sub-brand of Gateron. They use an identical manufacturing process to develop and market high-performance mechanical switches. Their latest launch, the EverFree EF switches are based on the famous Gateron G switches. They have a self-lubricating design ensuring a super smooth typing experience. EF switches also have a corrugated light-hole column design that enhances the backlit of your keyboard with a uniform and bright presentation.

EverFree EF Switches-1

The EverFree EF switches feature a double-core pin design which is not easy to bend. The metallic components on the switches have an anti-oxidation coating that gives them stability and also ensures a firm connection with the PCB socket on your keyboard. This ensures stable switch operation with high precision. They have a customized logo option, users can give it a custom touch with their preferred logo pattern. EverFree EF switches have a 5-pin design, they are compatible with most mechanical keyboards in the market. The EverFree EF switches are available in three options, Red, Yellow, and Brown axis. They have a maximum key travel of 4.0mm and an operating trigger force of 2.0±0.6mm. The EF switches have a rated life span of about 80 million keystrokes.

EverFree EF switches start at an attractive price of 10.99$ for a set of 70 pieces and 16.99$ for a set of 110 pieces(Red and Brown), yellow switches are available for 13.99$(70 pieces), and 20.99$(110 pieces). Check out more details here.

Gateron G Pro 3.0:-

Gateron G Pro are one of the most famous mechanical switches in the market today. Many enthusiasts and professionals prefer using Gateron Pro switches for their fast trigger response and silky smooth typing experience. Gateron has now released the latest generation of the famous G Pro switches with the announcement of the Gateron G Pro 3.0.

Gateron G Pro 3.0-1

The G Pro 3.0 is very identical to the G Pro 2.0 switches with a self-lubricating design, user-friendly smooth typing experience, many different switch options, a high-strength robust build, and a classic design. But there are plenty of things that are improved in the G Pro 3.0, this includes new and upgraded pins. The connector pins are now enhanced for better connection. They are not easy to bend or split. Secondly, the light column is enhanced. It has a textured surface that enhances the overall backlight experience producing a more vivid, even, and consistent backlight. Gateron G Pro has also got a better build, they are now ready for heat-resistant plugging!!

Gateron G Pro 3.0 is a true upgrade over the amazing G Pro 2.0. It has all the characteristics of the original G Pro switches and has now enhanced them with a better backlight experience, a firmer connection, and smoother operation. They adopt a 3-pin design for firm connection and wide compatibility. Gateron G Pro 3.0 switches are available in a variety of options including Yellow, Brown, Silver, Black, Red, and White axis. G Pro 3.0 switches still have an attractive price starting at just 3.66$ for a set of 35 pieces. Check out more information here.

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