VGN Introduces N75 Compact 75% Mechanical Keyboards With Gasket Structure Design

VGN is a respected name in the PC peripheral industry. They are known for their designer mechanical keyboards and premium-performing gaming mice. Today, VGN has officially announced the latest N75 series of mechanical keyboards. It is a compact 75% mechanical keyboard with a built-in gasket structure design and hot-swappable sockets. The compact 75% build allows for a clean setup. N75 also features a built-in metallic knob. The interesting part is that the all-new VGN N75 is going to be pocket friendly. The N75 series actually has 4 different versions starting at just 99 Yuan for the basic starter version and 199 Yuan for the top-end N75 Pro version. VGN N75 series will be soon available with us as well.

VGN N75 series brings all the features of an advanced keyboard such as gasket mounted structure design. The internal structure consists of a PC positioning board placed firmly between the top and bottom covers using gasket mounts. It also has multiple layers of silicone foam padding including bottom padding for a smooth and silent typing experience. VGN has made these available with hot-swappable sockets. Users can easily replace the switches whenever required. In their stock form, the N75 series keyboards are available with high-performance mechanical switches as well.

VGN N75-1

VGN N75 series actually has four versions, the starter, the professional edition, the symphony edition, and the N75 Pro. The basic functions such as 75% form factor, metallic volume knob, fully-key hot-swappable sockets, Bottom silicone padding, gasket structure, and full-key conflict-free operation are available on all four versions. The N75 Starter edition and Professional edition adopt OEM profile keycaps with ABS dual-tone build. They have basic monochrome lighting on the N75 starter edition and Professional edition, the other two options have multi-color RGB Backlight. They along with the N75 Symphony edition feature wired connectivity mode. Only the N75 Pro has three-mode connectivity and a built-in battery as well. The symphony edition along with the N75 Pro adopts MDA profile PBT material three-tone keycaps.

VGN N75 series adopts VGN’s trusted VGN V1 satellite stabilizers for smooth, wobble, and vibration-free typing. VGN N75 is an interesting series of products with advanced features and a compact design. The keyboard is launched officially in different variations starting at just 99 Yuan, we will be soon introducing the N75 on our website, and till then you can check out other products from the brand over here!!

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