Keydous Launches All-New NJ98 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With Colorful Display Screen

KEYDOUS has launched a brand new three-mode mechanical keyboard, presenting the Keydous NJ98. It’s a premium 90% mechanical keyboard with a 98-key arrangement.  The main attraction of the NJ98 is a beautiful customizable TFT colorful display screen. It has been designed with multi-layered sound-absorbing padding with high-quality PORON material Sandwich Cotton and bottom padding. For enthusiasts, the NJ98 is a great option as it allows for full customizability with full-key hot-swappable sockets. The users are treated with high-quality PBT material keycaps. Keydous has equipped the NJ98 with high-performance Kailh Box mechanical switches. It’s a complete keyboard that fits the requirements of both gaming as well as office users!!

Keydous NJ98-1

Keydous NJ98 mechanical keyboard is launched officially for 129.99$. You can check out more information on our website here.

In order to provide a comfortable typing experience with soft acoustics, Keydous has equipped the NJ98 with multi-layer sound-absorbing pads. This includes a Poron Cotton Sandwich padding between the keyboard plate and the bottom plate, you also get an under-shaft pad and another bottom padding. It covers most of the empty space inside the keyboard structure and greatly helps in reducing cavity sounds produced by the keystrokes!! The NJ98 keyboard is available with Steel and Brass plate options. It is available in multiple color options including one with side-printed keycaps(which looks really dope). Keydous NJ98 mechanical keyboard comes with OEM height PBT material keycaps.

Keydous NJ98-2

Keydous NJ98 mechanical keyboard has a 98-key layout with an aluminum alloy metallic knob and a colorful display screen. The display screen is completely customizable. You can load 3 Gifs and 5 static images. By default, you get different information on the screen such as active connection type, battery level, Time, Win Lock settings, Etc. NJ98 mechanical keyboard comes with high-performance Kailh Ice Cream Pro Full POM Material switches. They have a self-lubricating design promising a smoother response as you type. Enthusiasts also get an option to customize their experience with hot-swappable PCB sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Keydous NJ98-3

The keyboard features a dynamic RGB backlight with multiple static and dynamic lighting effects. For adjusting the backlight settings and various other functions, we get a cloud-based driver software. Keydous has equipped the NJ98 mechanical keyboard with an ultra-high-capacity 8000mAh battery that provides long battery life of up to 800 hours with a single charge. Keydous NJ98 looks fantastic and is equipped with the most latest features in the industry. You can check out more information on the Keydous NJ98 here.

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