ZAOPIN Introduces Z1 Pro Dual-Mode PAW3395 Gaming Mouse

Introducing the all-new Zaopin Z1 Pro gaming mouse! Experience the next level of precision and control with our flagship-grade PAW3395 gaming sensor chip. This cutting-edge technology delivers lightning-fast tracking, exceptional accuracy, and unparalleled control keeping you at the top of your game. With advancements in mechanical keyboards and mice, the Zaopin Z1 Pro stands out as a high-performance mouse designed to elevate your gaming experience.

Zaopin Z1 Pro-1

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro starts at just 42.99$. It has multiple variants featuring 200mA and 500mA batteries and also hollow bottom and complete bottom design. Check out more information here.

Equipped with a top-of-the-line PAW3395 optical sensor, the Zaopin Z1 Pro boasts a maximum resolution of 26000 DPI. This flagship-grade gaming sensor ensures swift 650 IPS tracking and 50G acceleration, allowing you to react with lightning speed and get perfect accuracy as well. Adjusting the DPI is a breeze, and our intuitive driver software lets you customize settings. The mouse offers a six-level adjustable dpi. Create personalized DPI profiles to match your gaming style and dominate the competition.

Zaopin Z1 Pro-2

We've incorporated the high-performance NORDIC N52840 chipset to ensure a stable connection and minimal signal delay. This chipset not only provides a seamless wireless experience but also offers low power consumption for extended usage. Coupled with the durable Huano Micro-Motion Switches, rated for up to 80 million clicks, the Zaopin Z1 Pro guarantees an excellent clicking experience with quick rebound and precise movement. The TTC Golden Scroll Encoder ensures buttery-smooth scrolling while maintaining exceptional durability.

Designed for comfortable and fatigue-free usage, the Zaopin Z1 Pro is optimized for small-handed users. Extensive research on player gripping styles guided our ergonomic design, offering a flexible and comfortable grip that enhances your performance. Weighing in at just 50 grams, the Z1 Pro provides a lightweight and agile feel for extended gaming sessions.

Zaopin Z1 Pro-3

To meet your connectivity needs, the Zaopin Z1 Pro supports both wireless 2.4GHz and wired USB Type-C options. The mouse's maximum polling rate of 1000Hz ensures a responsive and lag-free experience. For high-speed receiver compatibility (not included with the mouse), the Z1 Pro can support up to 4000Hz polling rate.

Experience the future of gaming with the Zaopin Z1 Pro, starting at an affordable price of $42.99. Visit our website for more details and to explore the full range of features offered by the Zaopin Z1 Pro gaming mouse here.

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