Monsgeek M3W Three-Mode RGB Keyboard With Gradient PBT Keycaps

Monsgeek has introduced its brand new three-mode mechanical keyboard, introducing the all-new Monsgeek M3W. It’s a streamlined 87-key TKL keyboard with a versatile three-mode connectivity option. Monsgeek has treated the keyboard with an eye-catching gradient color-theme on the keycaps. Multiple shades of gradients are used to enhance the beauty of the M3W with injection molded PBT material keycaps. It’s a treat for the eyes for sure. With Monsgeek’s expertise, the keyboard is not just eye-candy, it’s equipped with top features including a PC Positioning plate, RGB full-color backlight, hot-swappable sockets, Poron sandwich cotton padding, and more. These features ensure we get a comfortable and satisfying typing response and a vivid user experience with the Monsgeek M3W keyboard. The M3W is launched officially in three colors, you can either get the kit only starting at 109.99$ or you can get fully equipped ones with gradient keycaps and premium switches starting at just 119.99$. Check out more information here.

Monsgeek M3W Keyboard-1

Monsgeek M3W mechanical keyboard has a solid build quality. The keyboard features a CNC-Machined Aluminum alloy shell with injection-molded PBT keycaps. The shell has a smooth and textured finish, while the keycaps have a stunning gradient theme. It has a vivid full-color RGB backlight that treats the users with a bunch of lighting effects to choose from. With PC material positioning plate and Poron Sandwich cotton padding, we have extremely comfortable typing feedback on the keyboard with soft acoustics. It’s simply a treat to type on the M3W, every single keystroke is smooth as silk and has soft, tempting acoustics with low resonance.

Monsgeek M3W Keyboard-2

You can buy the Monsgeek M3W keyboard with a choice between premium mechanical switches including V3 Pro Cream Yellow, V3 Pro Cream Blue, Ice Cream Switches, etc. The keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets that allow you to easily replace the switches and DIY your way around the keyboard. Monsgeek M3W houses a large capacity 6000mAh battery that provides it with a solid battery life of up to 8 days with the Backlight turned on and up to 25 days with the backlight turned off. Simply enjoy the keyboard for days without worrying about charging it again and again.

Monsgeek M3W is a solid keyboard for everyday use. With a variety of switches to choose from, a solid build, an eye-catching gradient theme, and an RGB backlight, it’s a treat to work on. Grab the Monsgeek M3W for yourself starting at just 109.99$, check out more information here.

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