Lofree Summer Launch and Old Friends Meetup 2024 Event

On the 18th May, Lofree organized an event in China where they launched two new products. Lofree showcased multiple products at the event, including new sets of designer keycaps as well as two new keyboards, the Lofree Edge 84 and the Lofree Terrazzo series. Lofree has organized this event title as “Old Friends Meetup” and we see zFrontier also joining the brand in the event. zFrontier is one of the largest forum of Keyboard enthusiasts. Let’s talk about the two new launched products by Lofree.

Lofree Edge 84: World’s Thinnest and Lightest Mechanical Keyboard!!

Yes, you guys read that right, Lofree has come up with the world’s thinnest and lightest mechanical keyboard, the Lofree EDGE 84. Designed in two themes, Silky Black and Elegant Gray, the Edge 84 keyboard features a 3K carbon fiber top cover and a semi-solid die-cast magnesium alloy bottom cover. This setup ensures a robust build structure while maintaining an ultra-thin profile and a lightweight design of just 485 grams. The thinnest part of the keyboard measures just 5.4mm. Lofree has collaborated with Kailh to develop ultra-compact low-profile switches known as Lofree Edge. These are even more compact that a traditional low-profile switch. The keyboard features PCB gasket-mounted structure design for comfortable typing feedback.

Lofree Edge 84-1

Lofree Edge 84 houses a 2000mAh battery. The keyboard supports dual-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth and wired USB connections. The keyboard also features white colored backlight with 16 different lighting effects to play with. Lofree has priced the keyboard for 1199 yuan, it will be launched around the June end.

Lofree Terrazzo

Lofree Terrazzo Series: Three Mode Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Bluetooth Mouse!!

The second big showcase at the event was the Lofree Terrazzo, a series of products featuring two new products, a three-mode mechanical keyboard and a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Both products in the series feature Terrazzo grain patterns all over their body. They look spectacular and have a premium vibe to them. The Terrazzo keyboard here has an 84-key TKL layout. it features a gasket-mounted structure design for comfortable typing feedback. With custom-developed switches that have a light 40gf trigger force, the keyboard offers comfortable typing feedback on the Terrazzo keyboard. It has hot-swappable sockets. The keyboard has a warm monochrome backlight with seven kinds of lighting effects. It houses a large 4000mAh battery. More details on the Terrazzo keyboard will be revealed later this month. The Terrazzo keyboard is priced at 499 Yuan, it will be available later this month.

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