MCHOSE AX5 Premium Magnesium-Alloy Exoskeleton Frame Gaming Mouse With 8K Return Rate Support

MCHOSE has always been a dedicated brand for premium-quality PC peripherals. They have focused primarily on improving the user experience for gamers with their high-quality products, which come in affordable prices as well. Today, we are super excited to launch an all-new series of three-mode versatile mice with up to 8K return rate support, introducing the MCHOSE AX5. The AX5 series has three mice models, the AX5, the AX5 Pro, and the AX5 Pro Max. All three of these models are highly equipped, even the standard AX5 packs a punch with a premium PAW3395 sensor, Broadcom control chipset, and 4K return rate (receiver included). MCHOSE AX5 Pro Max brings you the best performance with its PAW3395 sensor, Nordic Chipset, and 8K return rate (receiver included). MCHOSE AX5 series is not just highly equipped for performance, but it is also carefully crafted with an ultra-lightweight magnesium-alloy exoskeleton design frame. The MCHOSE AX5 series starts at $79.99 for the AX5, and the top-most AX5 Pro Max is available for $99.99. You can get yours with us from here.


MCHOSE AX5 series has three models, the AX5, the AX5 Pro, and the AX5 Pro Max. while all three share the same look and feel, the internals are different for them. All three of them feature a PAW3395 optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, fast 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration.

The AX5 features Broadcom high-performance core chipset while the other two houses NORDIC 52840 core chipset. The NORDIC chipset offers better efficiency and performance with them. All three models support a fast return rate, the AX5 and AX5 Pro support a 4K return rate, and the AX5 Pro Max supports an 8K return rate. They come with their supported receivers in the retail package. With the 8K Return rate, MCHOSE AX5 Pro Max is among the fastest wireless mouse on the planet right now!!


MCHOSE AX5 series boasts exciting looks and premium build quality. MCHOSE has crafted the mice with a CNC-machined Magnesium alloy metallic frame. The frame features an exoskeleton design. It has been carefully designed to maintain great comfort with robust and solid build quality as well. MCHOSE AX5 is the lightest of the series at just 49 grams while the other two models are just 4 grams higher at 53 grams only. We loved the way, the unique exoskeleton chassis and the magnesium alloy have worked out for the AX5 series. Each model looks and feels super good in hand.


MCHOSE AX5 series has an amazing battery life. The maximum battery life is available on the AX5 Pro and AX5 Pro Max. With a bigger 500mAh battery, the AX5 Pro offers the best battery life of up to 170H with a full charge. You can simply forget about charging them for weeks with just a single full charge. Each model in the AX5 series has convenient three-mode connectivity support. They support wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4Ghz, and Wired connection modes. Each model comes with its own supported receiver, The AX5 and AX5 Pro come with a 4K receiver while the AX5 Pro Max comes with an 8K receiver in the box.


In order to treat its users with a satisfying clicking and scrolling experience, MCHOSE has featured premium quality TTC micro-motion switches and TTC Gold-Wheel Scroll wheel on the premium AX5 Pro and AX5 Pro Max models. MCHOSE AX5 series is amazing, we get fast response time, we get amazing battery life, and the best of it all is the amazing exoskeleton design chassis made up to lightweight Magnesium Alloy material. The AX5 series should be on your radar for your next gaming mouse with ultimate performance and great comfort. MCHOSE AX5 starts at just $79.99, check out more details here.

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