Monsgeek M3: Brand New 87-Key Gasket Structure Keyboard Kit

For all keyboard enthusiasts, creating their own keyboard has always been an amazing experience. What makes it better is if they can get an outstanding keyboard kit to start with. Well, here we are with an excellent new keyboard kit from Monsgeek, presenting the all-new Monsgeek M3. The M3 is a CNC-machined aluminum alloy keyboard kit with a gasket-mounted internal structure for comfortable typing. It has a streamlined 87-key TKL layout bringing in full practicality with a compact form factor. Monsgeek M3 supports smooth typing with no stutters or lag as the kit supports the full-key conflict-free operation. M3 enables you to create an ideal keyboard for both entertainment and office requirements.

Monsgeek M3 Keyboard Kit-1

Monsgeek M3 Keyboard Kit is launched officially for 109.99$, it is made avaialble in three beautiful color options(Black, Silver, Purple).

Monsgeek M3 is made up of a high-precision CNC machining process. The chassis has a smooth, premium finish made up of high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy material. The kit is available in beautiful color options and it has a brushed metal finish. Monsgeek has designed the M3 with a Gasket mounted internal structure. The keyboard plate is mounted onto the top and bottom cover using gasket mounts. It gives the keyboard build an elastic feel with every keystroke. Monsgeek has also featured multiple layers of EVA shock-absorbing foams. M3 delivers a comfy typing experience with a smooth elastic feel.

Monsgeek M3 Keyboard Kit-2

The Monsgeek M3 has a compact TKL form factor. The kit has an 87-key layout that gives full practicality and maintains a compact form factor for every kind of user. It has an ideal keyset for both entertainments as well as office users. With the Monsgeek M3, you don’t have to worry about ghosting or stuttering issues as the keyboard kit supports full-key conflict-free operation. Press multiple keys at the same time and the keyboard will register them with no issues at all.

Monsgeek M3 Keyboard Kit-3

Monsgeek M3 Keyboard Kit allows the user to choose their own preferred type of mechanical switch. The kit features hot-swappable sockets that support both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. It is compatible with most mechanical switches in the market. Monsgeek M3 keyboard kit features multicolor RGB LED Backlight with multiple built-in effects. The lighting effects and other settings on the Kit can be customized easily using the driver software. Monsgeek M3 is an ideal keyboard kit for keyboard enthusiasts who plan on creating their perfect keyboard with their own choice of components. Its premium build, gasket structure, and hot-swappable sockets make this one a great choice!! It is available for 109.99$, you can check out more details here.

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