AJAZZ AKC087: Metal-Stacked 87-Key TKL Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

AJAZZ is a known name in the PC peripheral industry as one of the largest manufacturers of premium mechanical keyboards and gaming mice from China. The brand has multiple products that are widely appreciated for their quality standards and performance features. Recently, AJAZZ has come up with a new keyboard, the AJAZZ AKC087. It is a unique and new keyboard designed with a metallic stacked structure. A metallic stacked structure for all those who are new to the hobby, is a structure design where different layers of metal are stacked together creating a semi-open kind of frame that provides its users with a unique typing sound and comfortable ergonomics, etc. So the AKC087 is a metallic stacked structure keyboard with versatile three-mode connectivity, RGB backlight, customized AS101 switches, and many more features!!


AJAZZ AKC087 is available as a complete keyboard as well as a keyboard kit only. The kit is priced at 85.99$ while the complete keyboard is priced at 99.99$. Know more here.

The AKC087, as the name suggests, is a compact 87-key TKL layout keyboard. It offers a complete package consisting of function row keys, home cluster, etc, an ideal compact layout for any given scenario. The metal stack structure design has a layered look on the keyboard. To maintain a premium finish and solid structure, AJAZZ has treated the surface of the layers with an electrostatic powder spraying process. The entire keyboard has a rich finish and is available in two elegant color options White & Black.


AJAZZ has equipped the AKC087 keyboard with customized AS101 mechanical switches. They have HP-Like advanced tactile feedback with a trigger force of 42±10gf, a bottom force of 55±10gf, and a short pre-travel of 2.0mm. The AS101 switches are highly durable and with a stacked keyboard design, the typing sound is crisp and nicely defined. It is super satisfying to type on the AJAZZ AKC087 both in terms of comfort as well as crisp sound. AJAZZ has also included hot-swappable sockets on the keyboard for easy replacement of the switches whenever required. The AKC087 keyboard features a multicolor RGB backlight. It looks quite dynamic with 18 different lighting effects that can be cycled through easily. Users can also customize the backlight using driver software.


AJAZZ AKC087 keyboard features high-quality PBT Material keycaps. The keyboard has three-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connections. It comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery for enhanced battery life!! AJAZZ AKC087 keyboard promises unique typing feedback with its rather unique metallic stacked structure. The keyboard is priced at 85.99$ for the kit and 99.99$ for the complete build. Know more details here.

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