VGN x Subor X68 Three-Mode Gaming Mechanical Keyboard News

VGN has joined hands with Subor a famous game console brand in a joint project. They have jointly developed a brand new 65% ultra-compact mechanical keyboard which they have named, VGN x Subor X68. Both VGN and Subor are well-established names in their own respective industries. VGN is known for its outstanding range of PC peripherals including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. while  Subor is known for its outstanding range of gaming consoles available across China. The jointly designed X68 has the elements of the gaming world with beautiful designer keycaps. The design of the keyboard speaks for itself. It has a charming presentation which will look stunning on every desk!!

VGN x Subor X68-1

VGN x Subor X68 keyboard is launched officially for 89.99$, check out more information here.

As you might have guessed from the name “X68”, it is an ultra-compact 65% mechanical keyboard with a 68-key arrangement. You get a stunning designer keyboard with a lively colorful theme. The legends on the keycaps have a game-inspired theme. They look exciting and are printed using a five-sided dye-sublimation process. The keycaps are actually made up of high-quality PBT material. You also get a built-in 1.06” TFT colorful display screen that shows different settings on the keyboard including active connection, battery level, time, etc. In 2023 many keyboards have got a built-in display and it looks quite amazing.

VGN x Subor X68-2

VGN x Subor X68 mechanical keyboard can be connected easily to different systems. It supports three-mode connectivity supporting wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Bluetooth mode allows you to connect the keyboard to three devices and switch between them easily. It supports different systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The keyboard comes equipped with premium Kailh Ice Cream Pro full POM material switches. They have a self-lubricating design, the more you use them, the smoother they get. They have smooth Linear feedback to begin with.

RGB elements mark the heart of gaming peripherals. Coming from a high-end gaming brand, the VGN x Subor X68 mechanical keyboard features a dynamic full-color RGB backlight. It has 18 built-in lighting effects including dynamic and static options allowing you to completely customize your experience. The brightness and speed of the backlight can also be adjusted. VGN x Subor X68 features an ultra-high capacity 8000mAh rechargeable battery that promises a battery life of up to 40 days with the backlight turned off and up to 40 hours with the backlight turned on.

VGN x Subor X68-3

VGN x Subor is an exciting keyboard that will fill your desktop with a rush of adrenaline. Its game-inspired design theme is enough to make it an ideal gaming keyboard. And for an exciting price of just 89.99$, it’s a stunning option to look forward to. You can check out more details about the VGN x Subor X68 here.

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